Nightwing Logo 39Thirty Black New Era Fitted Cap

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Nightwing Logo 39Thirty Black New Era Fitted Cap Description

The costume that can take a bullet, and break a fall. Nightwing performs a lot of dangerous acrobatics on the rooftops of Bludhaven — it’s not unnatural for him to fight Blockbuster’s goons while dangling upside down from a fire escape. Occasionally, Dick Grayson, aka Nighwting, takes a fall from a very tall building. Luckily, his very impact-resistant uniform can absorb the lethal pulping power of a 75-story drop. Our Nightwing Symbol 39Thirty Fitted Hat celebrates Nightwing’s extra resilient, moderately bullet-proof uniform lovingly constructed by Batman. Made from 100% polyester, this EXCLUSIVE Nightwing hat reflects the former sidekick’s solo-adventure fatigues with a mesh-like exterior and a raised, embroidered Nightwing symbol. Our Nightwing hat is layered in a resilient performance fabric called ‘NEC025.’ This material grants the appearance of a hard-fiber mesh utilized in all manner of durable superhero-wear. The bill? Curved, black, and positively slathered in NEC025. Hey! What’s on the back?? A smaller, skillfully embroidered Nightwing symbol. The official New Era sticker? It’s right there, resting soundly on top of the curved bill.

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