Gerbing 7V Battery Heated Fleece Gloves

Gerbing 7V Battery Heated Fleece Gloves Description

Gerbing heated fleece gloves are great for any outdoor winter activity. Perfect for skiing, football games and keeping your hands warm while going for a walk. Patented Microwire heating technology warms the entire length of your fingers to the tip as well as the back of the hand. Our coreheat7 Fleece Gloves are designed for winter adventures. These gloves are highly dexterous, warm and durable and ready for speed. On-cuff control and up to 8 hours of heat enable you to conquer the temperature of speed all day. SKU: GLCHFLM Max Heat: 135xC1F @ 7.7W Power: 7V 2.2Ah lithium ion battery Build: Anti-Pill Fleece Heated Sport Glove Materials: Fleece shell, micro poly lining Gerbing Heated Fleece Gloves Include: 2 Heated Gloves(1 pair) 2 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries 1 Dual Battery Charger Gerbing Core Heat 7 Battery Powered Clothing: The Core Heat 7 thermovelocity system is powered by 7V lithium ion batteries that provide mobility and warmth for any outdoor activity. Coreheat7 garments are designed to keep you warm while hunting, working, skiing, or just walking the dog. Gerbing Microwire Heating: The Microwire system is the most durable and efficient thermo-technology platform ever developed. Products incorporating Microwire technology utilizes patented micro-sized stainless steel fibers intertwined and encased in a proprietary waterproof coating. Gerbing Microwire technology will provide even heating for ultimate comfort. NOTE: This glove has leather palm. Gerbing Core Heat 7 Volt Battery Products Include: Includes the battery and charger you need to power your Gerbing heated product. You may purchase additional batteries and extended-life batteries for prolonged use.How to measure your hand. Step 1. Measure around the widest part of your hand (In-between your index finger and thumb) Step 3. Match your hand size (inches) up to the size chart Step 4. Buy with confidence!  Gerbing Battery Instructions: All garments come with a 7v Lithium Ion

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